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All products in the Shop were manufactured in the Polish stained glass lamps workshop www.tiffanystyl-witraze.pl.  Stained glass lamps are handcrafted with the copper foil technique, so called Tiffany stained glass: glass is cut along a pattern, ground and wrapped with copper tape, then glass items are joined on a form with tin filler metal. After that welds are patinated.
Lamp bowls are manufactured of American stained glass, bases are cast in brass.
Lamp designs follow Tiffany’s standards or they are original designs of the owner of stained glass workshop.
All lamp bowl designs may be ordered in following diameters: 16, 22, 25, 30, 34, 42 and 52 centimeters. All designs may be used as wall lights that makes possible collecting lamp ‘families’ in one design.
It is possible you to complete his or her own choice of colors, patterns and the like.

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